Basset is a new all-acoustic outfit from Toronto admired for their “fresh and distinct sound”. While they draw on folk traditions from both sides of the pond in their use of fiddle, mandolin and cello, their inventive style also borrows elements of jazz, soul, classic rock, and classical music. From tender ballads to driving blues, Basset charms audiences with their infectious love for each other and the music they play. They released their debut, self-titled EP in June 2019, and just four months after their debut single, have already amassed nearly 7000 total streams on Spotify.


Lead Vocals | Yasmine Shelton
Fiddle, Mandolin, Vocals | Sam Clark
Guitar, Vocals | Aaron Philipp-Muller
Cello, Vocals | Noah Philipp-Muller




BASSET || House Concert Artery || Toronto || Sep 7th

Folk Music Ontario || Mississauga || Sep 27 - Sep 29

BASSET || Emmanuel United Church || Waterloo || October 1 | 7:30pm

BASSET || House Concert Artery || Toronto || Oct 17

BASSET/Tragedy Ann || Brothers’ Brewery || Guelph || Nov 17

BASSET/Esther’s Family || The Cameron House || Toronto || Nov 23

BASSET/Esther’s Family || The Rec Room || London || Nov 2019

Another Bloody Folk Club|| The Gin Mill || Toronto || Jan 5




🌻The Boys are Back in Town!🌻
If you've missed the two boys who look like the same boy, AKA Aaron and Noah, they're back from Switzerland!
We're jamming this weekend and looking forward to the plethora of shows in the fall! . The featured song is called Dead RINGER which appears on our EP! Go Listen! https://open.spotify.com/track/5h6uEAw3gX2A8v00SdVZcI?si=tJZOSaVmRjaHtSBVGrTRYA

JUly 19

🌻The Basset EP is ONLINE!🌻
We launched her! She's free!
PLEASE give the other tracks on the album a LISTEN if you haven't already. We're super proud of them and each one showcases Me (Yas), Sam, Noah and Aaron in a different way. O DEATH is a traditional song with some new original sections, it's the bluesiest song on the album and was the most challenging but thrilling Vocally. DEAD RINGER let us get super creative with the arrangement and gave way to some wild Cello and Violin solos. DIN of DAY is short and so sweet. The harmonies give me so much joy and the guitar part really showcases Aaron's musicality!

Give them a listen! Share and follow if you can, it makes such a difference and the love you've shown us over the past few months has made this project go so much farther than we ever hoped. ❤

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